We work to the principle that true value and potential come from viewing the sum as more than its constituent pieces, and so we seek to integrate the parts into something greater. In line with this approach to work, SEKKA produces exclusive, boutique properties that are uniquely different but share a continuity and integrity of style throughout.

Our team of Japanese and overseas staff have many years experience working in Hokkaido. Whether you are staying with us or doing business with our group, you will be attend to by with specialists and professionals from companies in Japan and abroad.

The SEKKA Group of companies is led by creative director Shouya Grigg. Born in England and raised in Australia, Shouya has been a design creative since 1992 completing his Diploma of ARTS and first came to Japan in 1994 working in radio and photography. Niseko drew Shouya’s attention in 2004 when he launched the SEKKA brand beginning with the eponymous restaurant which set the high bar of style and design elements which inform the group’s property and media productions today.