Skiing is just the beginning. Throughout the year Hokkaido offers an abundance of activities from hiking to horse riding, kayaking to rafting, golf to tennis and much more. SEKKAStyle’s strong network and connections all over Hokkaido will create the perfect bespoke itinerary for what you desire in a holiday.

Famous attractions on the island are too numerous to see in ten holidays but no visit is complete without a trip to Otaru, Japan’s Venice of the north, the island’s bustling capital of Sapporo and the historic port-city of Hakodate in the south. Hokkaido is home to Japan’s most beautiful national reservation, the Shiretoko Natural Park in Eastern Hokkaido, home to brown bears, foxes and deer with the chance in winter to see floating drift ice on the Sea of Okhotsk.

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Esashi Ryotei Kuki is a delightful Japanese inn in the town of Esashi, an important centre in the history of Hokkaido that still retains much of the feel of a Japanese settlement of the shogunate times.


Hidden away in the winter snowdrifts of Otaru, Kuramure lets you experience two cherished elements of traditional Japanese culture in complete peace: hot springs and incredible seafood.