SEKKA is an architecture, interior design, spatial planning and media group based in Sapporo, Japan.

We work in Japan’s northern island prefecture of Hokkaido, guided by a philosophy of integrating harmony and balance in the spaces we live, work and play. We offer a fresh approach to architectural design, interiors, media and hospitality, emphasising the need for creativity and style as vital conditions for the success of our and our client’s businesses. SEKKA specialises in refurbishing existing structures, designing bespoke furniture for interior refits, and assisting clients who are working in Japan’s dining, luxury and lifestyle markets. We equally apply our approach to producing original structures and frequently partner with outside investors to deliver unique, new properties. Our activities also include a full-service media design agency and a foods and restaurant promotions group.


SEKKASTYLE produces inspired business and private real estate assets for clients and on its own behalf. The company works on custom-built spaces but also specializes in the refurbishment and rejuvenation of existing structures. All SekkaStyle productions aim to create spaces that make sound economic sense, and we draw from the best Asian and Western influences to achieve this.


SEKKATECA is a cuisine and event management business whose activities include designing and operating restaurants as well as making and marketing branded foodstuffs. SEKKATECA applies the SEKKA group’s aesthetic philosophy to its activities and a key focus is producing modern international cuisine fusing Hokkaido’s fresh seasonal fish, herbs, vegetables and meats with admired culinary traditions from around the world.


SEKKA’S architectural design philosophy is informed by the unique principles and structural-design aesthetics of our chief architect, Nakayama Makoto, an award-winning modernist atelier. Nakayama aesthetics emphasise the visual experience of living- and work-spaces. This results in the stunning and instantly recognisable SEKKA properties and living designs.

Motivated by the ‘simplicity of space’ and the subtle variations of dimensions and light, SEKKA designs are most fully appreciated from inside the completed property. We meticulously plan to use natural light to enhance interiors. Gaps and spaces in walls and features allow for uncluttered and ever-changing visual perspectives.
We embrace rather than subdue the impact of practical parts of a structure, such as staircases and dividing walls. By using available light and perspectives, we can place practical elements in ways that enhance interiors beyond simple functionalism. All SEKKA’S architectural productions are testament to our chief architect’s obsession with enhancing the quality of life of the people who reside in his creations. This focus on eye-line, light, dimensions, space, mood and perspective is central to the SEKKA ethos.


SEKKA interior design services include designing and manufacturing furniture and private consultancy for SEKKA projects. In the properties we produce, our interior designs focus on complementing the unique structural designs produced by SEKKA chief architect Makoto Nakayama.
We believe that lifestyle benefits can be gained from meticulous, yet subtle attention to detail. Our private consultancy allows clients to employ specific elements of the SEKKA design style in their living and work spaces. Or we can completely re-design an interior incorporating the bespoke furniture and building materials that create the living mood that is key to our ethos.


SEKKA media design takes a creative, fluid and entrepreneurial approach to brand development, design and media communication. Our services are available for English and Japanese audiences but we specialise in working in the Japanese market.

In the design space, our illustrators and copywriters product stylish, unique and affective print resources over the full range of printed matter. We plan, design and produce digital content for the web, mobile and tablet form factors.

Our media space advertisements and commercials provide impact in both Japanese and English. We also specialise in promotions involving international audiences, providing event planning through to management and marketing.